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The Essential Low Fat Cookbook



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Fat is usually where the flavour in food comes from. Unfortunately flavoursome as it is, fat has a nasty habit of clogging up arteries, plus it contains large amounts of calories that don't flatter the waistband! In "The Essential Low Fat Cookbook", Antony Worrall Thompson proves that it is possible to cook delicious, appetising food whilst keeping fat content to a minimum. He has created 200 tempting recipes for salads, sides, light lunches, main courses, even desserts, that cut down on fat but don't compromise on taste. Each recipe has also been analysed by Juliette Kellow, BSc RD, and is accompanied by at-a-glance nutritional information. So whether you want to lose weight, or control your fat intake for health reasons, this is the book for food lovers who know that healthy food should also mean delicious food.

Here are 3 recipes from the book

A Green Tortilla

Pork With Celeriac And Apple Mash

Apple And Blackberry Brûlées

The Essential Low Fat Cookbook - A Green Tortilla

The Essential Low Fat Cookbook - Pork with Celeriac and Apple mash

The Essential Low Fat Cookbook - Apple and blackberry brûlées

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Click to see recipe

Click to see recipe

Tortilla, frittata, Spanish omelette, what’s in a name? All are variations on the same theme, though of course Spanish omelette IS a tortilla. This slow-cooked, deep-set omelette is delicious served at room temperature with a hunk of bread and a salad. Lots of protein, with a smattering of iron, vitamin A and a healthy dose of fibre, all go to make you feel really worthy. A great one for your lunchbox.

Per serving
(based on 4 servings)
294 cals
8.7g fat
2.2g saturates
4.6g sugar
5.6g fibre
1.2g salt
2.8g fat per 100g

I’ve always been a massive fan of pork, which is a low-fat meat, and the combination of celeriac and apples creates a perfect partnership. Celeriac is an underused vegetable, partly I’m sure because of the look, which tends to scare all but the keenest cook; the best thing is to think of celeriac simply as a knobbly potato and to cook it in the same way.

Per serving
283 cals
8.1g fat
1.9g saturates
10.6g sugar
6.9g fibre
1g salt
1.8g fat per 100g

We all need to spoil ourselves with a pud from time to time but low-fat versions of full-fat favourites can often be disappointing. This is based on a crème caramel recipe, but I’ve slashed the fat content by making a custard using skimmed milk and just one egg yolk with extra whites (which are fat-free).

Per serving
249 cals
2.2g fat
0.7g saturates
51.1g sugar
1.9g fibre
0.3g salt
0.7g fat per 100g








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